The Denarium Souvenir Book (Free download)





Denarium of Finland have produced physical bitcoins from 2015 to 2020. Before everything falls into oblivion, this Souvenir Book looks back at the beautiful coins they produced over their five years of activity in this unique and widely unknown niche market.

This 60-page book was independently conceived and designed using information and material publicly available from and It is not an official publication of Denarium / Prasos.

You can download a free copy (PDF) of the full book here: DenariumSouvenirBook

If you prefer a hard copy, we can have it produced for you on demand.
Please contact us for a price quote.

Please note: We are not affiliated with Denarium/Prasos in any way. We don’t own, trade, buy or sell any Denarium or bitcoin products ourselves.

Denarium Souvenir Book

Denarium Souvenir Book

Denarium Souvenir Book hard copy